BREATHING EXERCISE – Creative Ways to Teach Deep Breathing to Kids

In Recent time with the speedy life and work culture we are into always leads to stress, anxiety and anger, fortunately which include our younger client and age group, we have valued the art of meditation and proper deep breathing techniques with adults.

Recently we applied in young client and witnessed how impressive result we got with them with these skills of deep breathing exercise. It worked with each of diagnosis but the point is how to make fun learning and to make it remember outside therapy setting for children’s


Before someone do it need to believe why he or she should be doing it what would be the benefit of it, let see some of it benefit: –

1 Proper deep breathing tricks the body into thinking it is in a calm state (as opposed to the fight or flight state). When we are in a state of stress, our bodies are in a “fight or flight” response. Our bodies in this state react with an increase in heart rate and breathing becomes rapid and shallow, as opposed to the calm state of deep, “within our gut” breathing and slower heart rate.

2 Deep breathing gives the body energy. The act of breathing deeply helps to deliver nutrient rich oxygen throughout the body.

3 The delivery of oxygen also helps to eliminate waste in the body and helps maintain healthy cells.

4 Deep breathing is a technique that can be used anywhere. It is a useful technique to have ready when the time comes. Practice in a calm state so when one feels stressed, the technique can be easily implemented.

5 Best part It is free! There is no cost to practice deep breathing.

So how to make it fun learning for children

Children are more fun-loving and enthusiastic and do it if it is fun. Let’s see some fun activities which will help children learn these important life skills.

Some of the techniques: –

1 Blowing a pin wheel.                           7 Elephant Breath.

2 Candle and flower.                              8 Bubble Bee Breaths.

3 Blowing a feather.                               9 Hot Air Balloon breaths.

4 Hissing Breathing.                              10 Belly Breathing.

5 Bear Breath.                                        11 chakra Breathing.

6 Bunny Breath.                                    12 Gyan Mudra Breathing.

Let discuss them in fun way each: –

1 Blowing pin wheel:

Such a simple, yet fun toy, who doesn’t love to watch the pinwheel colors mix together as it spins?

  1. Have the child take a deep breath (remind them slow and deep).
  2. Instruct them to hold their breath for 2 seconds (count out loud).
  1. Then, release the breath by blowing the pinwheel.
  2. Repeat it 3 more time

Candle and Flower

1 Gather together a candle (you can light it if you feel the child is old enough) and a flower.

2 Starting with the flower, have the child take a deep breath (remind them slow and deep) through their nose as if they are smelling the flower.

3 When they are breathing in the flower, have them pretend they are breathing in good, calm feelings.

4 Instruct them to hold the breath for 2 seconds.

5 Then, release the breath by slowly blowing out the candle, pretending that they 
are breathing out the negative feelings.

6 Repeat 3 more times.



Blowing a Feather

1 Purchase several large feathers from a craft store In various colors.

 2 Ask the child to choose the feather that is most calming to them, or that brings 
them positive feelings.

 3 Have the child holds the feather in one hand,

 4 Slowly, take a deep breath and hold for 3 seconds.

 5 While slowly breath in out, blow the feather up one side and down the other.

 6 Repeat 3 more times.

2. Hissing Breaths:

Hissing breaths help kids connect with their inner self and relax them physically and mentally. Teach your kid to breathe in through the nose. Make him inhale a deep breath, and then ask him to exhale through the mouth, while making a hissing sound like a snake. Prolonging the exhalation will help your kid relax and feel better.

3. Bear Breaths:

Bear breaths help your kid feel reflective and relax his mind and body. Tell your tyke to imagine a bear hibernating. Teach him to inhale air through nose and pause and count three, two, and one and exhale again before counting three, two, and one. Repeat it five times. Your kid will feel relaxed and stress-free.

4. Elephant Breaths:

Elephant breathing exercises help wake up your sluggish take. Get him to stand with his feet wide apart. Tell him to dangle his arms in front like an elephant trunk. Then tell him to breathe in through the nose and raise his arms high above his head. Tell him to breathe out through the mouth swinging the arms down. Repeat the breathing exercise three times. Your kid will feel energetic.

5. Bunny Breaths:

This is one of the interesting breathing techniques for kids. Kids love bunnies. During bunny breathing exercise, kids pretend to be little bunnies and sniff like bunnies. Teach your kid to do three quick sniffs through the nose and then exhale one deep breath through the nose. Bunny breaths help calm your upset kid and help him breathe smoothly without any breathing difficulty.

6. Bubble Bee Breaths:

Bubble Bee breaths are also popular as Bhramari in Pranayama techniques and help kids control their breaths effectively. Make your kid sit comfortably with crossed legs. Ask him to close his eyes. Tell him to breathe in through the nose, with the fingers in the ears, and breathe out making the sound of a humming bee. Resonance occurring during the breath not only offers your kid a calming effect but also helps him have healthy eyes.

7. Hot Air Balloon Breaths:

Hot air balloon breathing exercise offers you take a relaxing effect and boosts his imagination. Make your kid sit in cross-legged position comfortably and cup hands around the mouth. Tell him to inhale air deeply through the nose and exhale through the mouth, while throwing his hands outwards as if your kid is blowing a huge hot air balloon. When he exhales the air completely, tell him to breathe in slowly admiring the big balloon swaying in the air.

8. Belly Breathing:

Belly breathing drives away your kid’s sad mood and helps him feel stress-free. Tell your kid to lie on his back closing his eyes and with his hands on the belly. Tell him to relax and then inhale slowly through the nose with a closed mouth. Hold the breath for five seconds and slowly breathe out

9. Chakra Breathing:

This is one of the effective deep breathing exercises for children. Chakra breathing energizes seven chakras present in a body. Tell your kid to stand upright with his feet wide apart and breathe fast. Keep the mouth open throughout the breathing process. Teach your kid to focus on his breathing as it helps to energize seven chakras

10. Gyan Mudra Breathing:

Gyan Mudra breathing relaxes your little one and improves his concentration. Make your kid sit straight on the ground. Place the wrists on the knees and make him join the tips of index finger and thumb to make ‘Gyan Mudra’. Close the eyes. Teach the kid to breath normally, focus on the breath as he inhales and exhales the air through the nostrils.



1 Practice these activities while the child is calm. This will make it easier for the child to use deep breathing in times of need.

2 Dim the lights to create a more soothing environment.

3 Set a timer for the child to practice a calm state and increase that time as they improve their skills.

4 Include the primary caregivers in the session and teach the deep breathing technique to them so they can coach the child to practice the deep breathing strategy at home. Once a day is recommended, at bedtime.

5 There are plenty of deep breathing videos online. If your client is a visual learner, this may be a useful aid. There are also deep breathing Apps such as Breathe 2 relax.


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