AUTHOR- Dr. Ashwini  Kamath  suri ,BDS

A smile enhances your face value, more so if it is backed by healthy, sparkling teeth. Healthy teeth and gums cannot be attributed to luck. They require proper care , daily hygiene program and regular dental examinations by a dentist.

Generally people tend to neglect the oral hygiene aspects and are obsessed with their own set of beliefs/ myths which may eventually lead to some oral health problems. Few such common myths are addressed here…

MYTH 1:  I am born with bad teeth.

Unless you are born with a severe congenital disease or carry a hereditary condition which causes tooth anomalies, this statement is proof enough that you are not willing to put in required efforts to maintain your pearly whites. No guesses as to what the outcome will be..

MYTH 2:  Milk teeth are going to fall off anyway. So why worry about them?

Just like childhood is a precursor to adulthood, the condition of the milk teeth will determine the future dentition.

  • Milk teeth guide the eruption of permanent teeth so their absence leads to space defects which can later only corrected by lengthy orthodontic procedures.
  • Decayed milk teeth if neglected can cause pain, swelling, fever and abscess. It also is detrimental to the underlying permanent tooth.
  • A proper oral hygiene habit adopted in childhood will continue into adulthood, minimizing problems.
  • A child with severely affected teeth is often ridiculed and faces psychological trauma.

MYTH 3:  If one tooth is extracted, then the neighboring teeth also get damaged and have to be eventually removed.

Each tooth is present in its own socket in the bone. Extraction of one tooth in no way leads to problems in its neighbouring tooth.

MYTH 4:  I got my teeth cleaned by a dentist. Now they are all mobile and I will lose them.

When teeth are not kept clean, there is initiation of gum disease which manifests as redness and bleeding from gums. Left unattended, this infection spreads to deeper tissues and a dental pocket is formed between the tooth and the gums which is a precursor to periodontal disease, leading to loss of bone around the tooth, tooth mobility and eventually loss of teeth.

In early cases of infection, a mere regular cleaning of teeth suffices to resolve the problem and revert the gums back to their healthy state.

In cases where the gum disease has progressed, surgical intervention becomes necessary in addition to cleaning.

In conditions were teeth are mobile… well…. It was too late, and there is no point in blaming the dentist or the procedure for your neglect!

MYTH 5:  The harder the toothbrush, the better is the cleaning.

Soft bristles in a toothbrush effectively clean the teeth with minimal injury to the teeth and gums, hence preferred by dentists.

I will try to debunk a few more myths in my next  article/blog.

ABOUT  Dr. Ashwini –  Dr .Ashwini is a dental surgeon with a vast experience of 18 years in clinical practice. She has an expertise in geriatric dentistry, paediatric dentistry and dental hypnotherapy  for anxiety and pain management.

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